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Thraxas au royaume de Turaï (Thraxas, #1) Martin Scott

Thraxas au royaume de Turaï (Thraxas, #1)

Martin Scott

Published February 14th 2002
Mass Market Paperback
251 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Princess Du-Akai, third in line to the throne, hires Thraxas to retrieve a missing letter. Thraxas is pitted against the ruthless killer Sarin the Merciless, who seems to be a lot more deadly than she used to be. Worse, shes in league with Horm the Dead, mad half-Orc sorcerer from the Kingdom of Yal. Meanwhile the city is riven by internal strife as Senators Cicerius and Rittius fight it out for the post of Deputy Consul, and the criminal gangs The Society of Friends and The Brotherhood struggle for control of the dwa trade. Makri is busy studying at the Guild College but needs no encouragement to pick up her sword and enthusiastically join in with the fighting. Thraxass investigation leads him from the sewers of Turai right up to the Imperial Palace, where he finds himself face to face with the Kings new dragon.