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La Fin De Lete Danielle Steel

La Fin De Lete

Danielle Steel

Published 1991
ISBN : 9782724274639
376 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

This was a quick read for me on a road trip. Traffic was terrible so I had lots of time. Alas, as always, we find some very well to do adults, a marriage that has stayed together, and a husband thats not nice. Then of course a wife that finds the love of her life, they come together for a passionate while, then end up apart. They should be together and she makes the selfless decision to stay apart. But will that be the end?! A bit of fun, I wasnt disappointed I read it, as it was an easy read which was light and didnt require any effort. Pilar was a cute name I liked, I like coming across quirky names. This DS is one Im sure die hard fans will love.