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The Dream Pedlars: Out-Of-Body: Out of Time Alan J. Wakelin

The Dream Pedlars: Out-Of-Body: Out of Time

Alan J. Wakelin

Published November 16th 2010
ISBN : 9781609761288
294 pages
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 About the Book 

James Markham is an archaeologist and a loner. Australian born, he now lives and works in London, where he holds a senior academic position at London University. He has lived a relatively unremarkable life, until he works at an excavation project in the Middle East, when he has a disturbing dream. The strange dream is a prelude to a series of dreams that seem so real that Markham almost believes he is experiencing an alternative world through the eyes of an inhabitant. The dream is so far removed from his own experience that he has trouble coming to terms with it. He suspects his dreams are some sort of other-world existence, which is reinforced as they continue in a serial fashion, and begin to affect his everyday life. Markham wonders which of his existences is the real one. He alternates between an introspective post-traumatic stress disorder, and coping with the realities of his waking world. Markhams dreams take him on a fantastic journey through time that seems to be at the root of the origins of man, but in a world that closely parallels his own. What exactly is he experiencing? The Dream Pedlars builds to an unexpected twist, as the story touches on the greatest mystery of all: What awaits us after death? First time novelist Alan J Wakelin grew up in London and moved to Sydney, Australia, in his early twenties. I think, at almost 70 years old, I am still growing up! Publishers Web site: http: //www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/titl...